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I highly recommend Sound Business Services (SBS) because they do an amazing job keeping our books and finances in pristine order, and they are very responsive to our needs. SBS has certainly made a positive impact in helping our business run smoothly.
Samuel Woodhouse III, Esq.

When I first began working with Sound Business Services, Inc. (SBS) I was managing a business for an off-site investor, where SBS played the role as a full time third party bookkeeper. The relationship was great from the beginning. After working with them for several months, I knew they were a top notch group and extremely detail oriented.That business was extremely convoluted with transactions that made it difficult to account for retail sales in relationships to cost. SBS was a huge asset in helping me to evaluate the business with the accuracy of the reporting. We had one transaction, and although this may seem petty, it was a transaction that was not balancing and was less than $5. The account representatives followed this transaction through to the end to make sure it was booked correctly and gave me a comfort level that if I missed something throughout the week or month, I know these guys wouldn’t!I quickly realized that the service that I was using then was inadequate and I made the choice to change my bookkeeping service for two of my own businesses over to SBS. I have been thrilled with the resilience and the decision I made. In the last year I have referred several other business owners their way and have been thanked each time.

There is plenty that a business owner has to concentrate on to build their business. Thanks to SBS I have the time I need to focus on growing my business knowing that the books are correct. Keep up the great work!

Ed Wackowski, Owner

I am writing this note to express our appreciation for the great job we receive from Sound Business Services. Time is very limited in a fast-paced medical practice, and before we hired Sound Business Services, I was spending one or two days per month reconciling our monthly bank statements.Their representative taught me shortcuts to the process, and has tutored me ever since. We have now installed on-line banking through QuickBooks, and I feel I am becoming more accomplished in my production, my employer is now getting more information from the software, and is very happy about that.I would highly recommend Sound Business Services for all of your payroll, accounting and system’s needs.

Margaret Peters, Administrator

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