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QuickBooks Cleanup

Not sure why you have an ever-growing balance in a particular account in QuickBooks or worse yet, why it is negative? Thought you had already paid those bills or received payment for that invoice? Tired of getting that same QuickBooks error message? SBS understands your frustration and is ready to help. With over 12 years of QuickBooks experience, SBS has helped clients in all different industries with all different types of problems get QuickBooks working for them again. Each year SBS renews their ProAdvisor certification to ensure they have the tools and knowledge necessary to quickly and effectively solve their client’s QuickBooks issues. Preventatively, SBS offers QuickBooks training to help clients avoid mistakes and grow in their QuickBooks skills.

Below are the QuickBooks cleanup services offered by SBS:

  • Reclassifying transactions
  • Resolving error messages
  • Correcting unapplied customer and vendor payments
  • Cleaning out undeposited funds account
  • Correcting payroll liability balances
  • Writing off old invoices
  • Reorganizing Income Statement
  • Cleaning up Balance Sheet

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