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Payroll & Tax Services Pricing

SBS’s payroll and tax services are marked by integrity, quality, and scalability which make them ideal for any small business or organization looking to succeed. Each package below is designed to stand alone or be combined with other packages offered by SBS. For custom pricing please contact us, and we’ll be happy to put together a custom quote for you.

Payroll Processing
  • What it includes:
    • Paying your employees
    • Processing your payroll tax deposits
    • Preparing and filing your payroll tax forms (Forms 940, 941, W-2s, W-3, etc.)
  • How it works:
    • You send us your payroll data (employee’s time, pay rates, commission, etc.)
    • We pay your employees via check or direct deposit
    • We notify you when payroll has been processed and when tax deposits are due
    • We process your payroll tax deposits and file your payroll tax forms
  • What it costs:
    • $87/month + $3/employee/check
Sales Tax Filing
    • What it includes:
      • Preparing and filing your sales tax forms and payments
    • How it works:
      • You send us your taxable sales information
      • We prepare your sales tax form and communicate to you the amount of sales tax due
      • You approve the amount due and we process your sales tax payment
    • What it costs:
Plan Cost/Filing Period Setup Fee
One County $59 $59
Multiple Counties $79 $79
1099 Preparation
  • What it includes:
    • Preparing and sending annual Form 1099-Misc to each of your eligible vendors
    • Preparing and filing annual Form 1096 with the Department of the Treasury (IRS)
  • How it works:
    • You send us your eligible 1099 vendor information
    • We prepare and send Form 1099-Misc to each vendor by January 31st
    • We prepare and file Form 1096 with the IRS by the last day in February
  • What it costs:
    • $79 processing fee + $10 per 1099-Misc
Income Tax Preparation
  • What it includes:
    • Preparing your annual federal and state income tax returns
  • How it works:
    • You send us the tax information we request
    • We prepare your returns
    • We send you finalized returns with instructions on how to file
  • What it costs:
    • Standard personal income tax returns start at $149
    • Standard corporate returns start at $499
    • Please call us for your free quote today!

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