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Payroll Processing

SBS provides full-service payroll processing that is marked by the same excellence and attention to detail that customers have grown to love in all their services. Their payroll services include:

  • Paying your employees via check or direct deposit
  • Processing your payroll tax deposits
  • Filing your quarterly and annual state and federal payroll tax forms including Forms 941 & W2

Below are four reasons why you should choose SBS to process your payroll:

  1. Less work for you. When SBS manages your payroll, they handle everything. You do not have to setup your new employees in an online system or even remember to login and submit your payroll each week. With SBS, all you have to do is send them your employee’s pay information (i.e. hours, salary, or commission amounts) and they handle the rest. Additionally, if SBS provides your bookkeeping, they will enter your payroll data into your accounting file for no additional charge.
  2. Better customer service. SBS provides a personal touch that larger providers just can’t provide. When you call SBS, you promptly get a live support agent who many times is the same person processing your payroll.
  3. More flexibility. Only have one employee or an inconsistent pay cycle? Need more flexibility for those one-offs or last minute changes? No problem. Because SBS is specialized in and dedicated to small businesses and organizations, they are able to provide “out of the box” solutions that many larger firms can’t provide.
  4. More money in your pocket. SBS doesn’t impound your taxes. This means that SBS allows you to hold your payroll taxes in your account until they are due so that you make the interest on them instead of your payroll processor. Additionally, SBS offers their payroll services at very competitive rates so you receive the best service possible at the best price possible.

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