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Lost Receipts? Too Much Clutter? Sound Business Services Can Help

At Sound Business Services, we are in the business of helping your business succeed. We know that our clients have busy schedules that are often difficult and demanding. Sifting through receipts and paperwork is not only a chore, but it costs valuable time and energy. Our Atlanta tax firm exists to take the burden off non-profits and business owners and do the heavy lifting ourselves. With less financial clutter, our clients are able to spend their time and efforts doing what they do best – growing a successful and lucrative organization.

We offer several types of services to help our clients navigate financial statements, taxes, and the laws governing their organizations and businesses. Examples include:


Payroll Processing and Taxes – The professionals at Sound Business Services will pay employees and contractors via check or direct deposit, as well as file quarterly and annual payroll tax forms on your behalf. We can also handle your sales tax filing, prepare your IRS Form 1099-MISC for independent contractors, and file your annual income taxes.

Bookkeeping and Bank Reconciliation – SBS will regularly reconcile bank statements and ensure your books are current and accurate. This helps to eliminate wasteful spending and fees, as well as detect fraudulent activity on your accounts, such as embezzlement.

QuickBooks Assistance – We know how powerful QuickBooks is as a financial tool. We can help your business or organization make the best use of QuickBooks, from setting it up to maintaining it and training others to do the same.


If you are in search of an accounting firm in Atlanta, look no further than Sound Business Services. We have a proven track record of excellence and experience, handling the tax and business accounts of businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. For more information about how our services may be able to help you maximize the financial health of your organization, contact us today.

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