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Experience Peace of Mind – Know Your Books are Accurate & Up to Date

When you choose Sound Business Services (SBS) to provide your bookkeeping, payroll, or tax services, you can sleep peacefully at night knowing your books are right. Many small business and organization leaders live daily with the stress of not knowing where they stand financially or worse yet, whether or not their books are accurate. However, when you choose SBS, you get timely and accurate services you grow to love and depend upon.

There are four unique things about SBS that are the secret to why clients invest such trust in their services. To learn more about each distinctive, please click on the links below:

SBS uses better policies

SBS’s first distinctive is that they use better policies. This can be seen first of all in how they handle the security of their client’s data. SBS understands that your financial information is invaluable and cannot be replaced if lost or retrieved if compromised. SBS operates by internal policies that ensure your information is only shared with you and authorized members on their team.

Not only is SBS committed to keeping their client’s financial data confidential, they are committed to keeping it secure. SBS backs up all client data stored on their server each night using two backup systems.

In addition to a better security policy, SBS has a better service policy. Integrity is more than words at Sound Business Services, it is a way of life. SBS takes the time to ask questions if they are not sure how something should be done or where a transaction should be posted. Their goal is to do their work like they want their own done. If they make a mistake, they seek to make it right.

Thirdly, SBS uses a better support policy. At SBS, customers come first. SBS staff strive to get back with customers quickly. If they don’t know the answer, they seek to find out the answer and get back with the customer. SBS’s employs a staff that is professional, knowledgeable, and courteous.

SBS uses better processes

The first way SBS uses better processes is by providing their services remotely whenever possible. Although working remotely is not practical in every situation, in many situations it works just as well as working onsite, if not better. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Better service. When your accounting file resides on SBS’s server or one of their third-party hosted servers they can access your accounting data at any time versus only when they are at your office location. This means they can answer your questions more quickly or perform those unexpected accounting tasks that just can’t wait until their next visit.
  • Less cost. When SBS works from their office location they are responsible for providing their own office space, furniture, equipment, and software. This along with eliminated travel costs equate to tremendous savings to you and your organization.

The second way SBS uses better processes is by working as a team. SBS believes you are better served by a team comprised of bookkeepers, payroll processors, QuickBooks consultants, and tax professionals, than you are by one person who may or may not be able to fill all these roles well. SBS utilizes strategic partners in addition to internal staff to provide a plethora of stellar-quality services. By choosing SBS you get a one-stop-shop experience where all your accounting and tax needs can be met without having to hire each of these services separately.

SBS uses better personnel

The first way SBS uses better personnel is by using a better hiring process. SBS hires based upon skills and character. SBS strongly believes their employee’s character affects how they work, which ultimately affects your books. SBS puts a premium on integrity, diligence, and attention to detail. These traits combined with proper skills make a valuable employee and happy customer!

In addition to a better hiring process, SBS uses a better training process. SBS employees are taken through many hours of training to ensure they can provide the level of quality and excellence that mark SBS’s services.

Lastly, SBS uses a better evaluation process. Checks and balances are not only good for the accounting department; they are also good for the accountant. At SBS, each employee’s work is periodically reviewed to ensure that it continues to comply with SBS’s high work-quality standards.

SBS uses better pricing

SBS uses a better pricing structure. Some organizations only need someone to post and reconcile their transactions on a monthly basis where others need additional services such as payroll, sales tax, or accounts receivable/payable services. SBS has structured their pricing in such a way that everyone gets exactly what they want while not having to pay for additional services they do not need.

SBS pricing is also better because it is fully customizable. Clients can add or subtract additional services as they need them. SBS offers all their services on an a-la-cart basis. By providing clients this kind of flexibility, SBS is able to grow and flex with your company.

To learn more about SBS’s pricing, please see their pricing explanation page.

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